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My sister and I share a home together, and in 2015, after we had another problem with our A/C (one of several over the past couple of years), we knew we were going to need something more significant done than just another repair. I figured we were going to need a new hvac system (which we have since gotten), while my sister thought that we might also need to consider something further. She was concerned that the next system would also come under too much stress if some underlying problems weren't also addressed.

I was concerned because we were already pressed financially in considering a new hvac system, but we at least wanted to hear about some further possibilities, like radiant barriers and other energy savers. And so we met with John Bustos of Dr. Energy Saver of South Texas.

I was skeptical as we invited John in to take a look at our attic. But as he talked with us and walked us through what we were seeing via the pictures taken, and talked to us about some of his broader experience, I was very impressed by his knowledge, his depth of experience, and his willingness to discuss anything we needed further clarification about. I was also impressed by something intangible about John. It was clear to me that as qualified as he is for many things, he has now made this his life's work because he finds real value in it and he cares about it.

After that initial talk (and some further conversations), we went forward with his plan for various energy saving applications in our attic. And once the work started, his team didn't disappoint. In fact, he and his team went above and beyond, taking care of some things that "weren't on the list," so to speak, such as cleaning out and better sealing the main return - just because John saw that it hadn't been done properly before, and he wanted us in excellent shape before signing off. John and his team also remained very willing to field any questions we had as the process moved along.

The work was completed recently, and we are looking forward to monitoring the energy savings over the next year.

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