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The Energy Barrier started to work immediately with a noticeable change in the inside temperature. So happy it was done by John Bustos! Will recommend him to family, friends, and anyone needing a cooler home. Exceeded my expectations!
Katherine H. of Cypress, TX
I strongly recommend John Bustos and Dr. Energy Saver by STX Efficiency Experts for their quality workmanship using their “Coolwall” stucco sealing product. John begins by demonstrating his product and doing a physical inspection of the property. He points out areas of concern and addresses the correct way to fix them. My stucco house was beginning to age and was developing spider cracks. The original builder failed to place the proper banding around the three exterior doors and the bottoms of the door jams rotted and other minor problems. John’s price included fixing all the problems not covering them up. The overall quality of the job was outstanding and the exterior of my home looks new.
Fred V. of Corpus Cristi, TX
Sam and I definitely recommend John Bustos and his Energy Barrier product. We just got our first Electricity Bill and after having the Barrier installed for only two weeks of the month, we used 650 less watts than last month. Before our A/C could not keep up with the temperature outside above 100, it would cool to about 80 degrees. Now it can stay at 76, with the outside temp above 100. Also, we can now be comfortable with the thermostat at 78 or 79. John also found several leaks in our ducts, so we were cooling part of our attic. He repaired them also. We also had one solar fan installed. John also found several vents that were blocked and he blew them out. We already had ridge vents. Our attic was at 160 degrees above the barrier and 100 below the barrier in the attic. He also noticed a hole in the roof, that we still need to have looked at. Very thorough job and we are very very pleased. We think all of this will pay for itself in no time, especially with the Tax Rebate.
Connie and Sam J. of Victoria, TX
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Garage was nice and cool today! garage definitely cooler and a nice improvement. 
Chris S. of Houston, TX
John was Amazing. He has wonderful customer service, something that you don't see anymore. He was very fast with the installation, and was very professional. John is extremely true to his word. He gave us a great quote, and once the barrier was installed, we saved $70 on our electricity bill that next month! We really liked their service, and product!! Thanks John!!
Mandy and Miki M. of Houston, TX
From the homeowners, "We insist you take this tip because you worked hard, you have been honest and there is just not a lot of people like you these days!"
Robert C. of Houston, TX
You are a man of your word, you did everything you said you would do, on top of that you were always on time, and professional. Keep that attitude and it will take you a long ways. Thank you very much!
Mr. and Mrs. C of Houston, TX
Before we had the radiant barrier installed by STGE every day when I walked in our house into the kitchen, it felt warm to me almost regardless of time. Some guests who stayed upstairs said it wouldn't cool down. I heard about radiant barrier on AM radio in Houston and posted an inquiry online and John called the next day. He was courteous and prompt in every way. He emailed a quote the day after inspecting the property and they started the job the next week. The crew was also courteous and respectful of our home. John came by during the job and after to do a final walk-through. Since we owned the house, it would not cool the kitchen and parts of the house never cooled effectively. AFTER installing the radiant barrier and other improvements by STGE the kitchen is cool even when the AC has been off after a weekend away. We are very pleased with the results and the quality and comprehensive solution. John identified major and minor improvements to our cooling system and they seem to have worked quite well. THANKS JOHN!
David S. of Cypress, TX
Exceeded my expectations. Dr. Energy Saver by STX Efficiency Experts has installed radiant barrier in two houses for us. We have the highest regard for the way that John Bustos runs his business. His prices are fair, his work is impeccably installed and it works! Another contractor commented that our attic was one of the cleanest he had ever seen after John installed the radiant barrier--all the crevices were sealed, seams were taped, everything is neat and tidy. John also found and corrected problems in the ductwork and insulation. He takes his work seriously and does it right. We've seen super results in cooling our drafty 1920s bungalow along with a nice drop in the utility bill. We strongly recommend John.
Lorri W. of Houston Heights, TX
I had several radiant barrier companies come out. Most of them were just concerned about the sale. Also their pricing was around 2.25 and up. Mr. Bustos came out and was very detailed. He did a great job explaining how and why it works. I really appreciated this as I am a single woman. His price beat everyone else, he and his crew worked hard and diligently. They were all very courteous too!
Mandy B. of Houston, TX
Quick to install, no maintenance , saves money this is the best money saver we have had installed in our house. The free audit on our house was very professional and helpful, John Bustos was very friendly and explained the best places to install the radiant barrier. I wish other companies adopted this free audit plan for their products, it really does make a difference. The installation was complete in a few hours and when i went into the loft i noticed they had cleaned everything up for me which was nice
Name withheld by r. of Houston, TX
Does what its meant to do This radiant barrier is great. I have noticed i dont have to turn up the thermostat until much later in the year. We shopped around for different solutions and the houston radiant barrier seemed to be the best. great product which is saving me money everyday!
Name withheld by r. of Houston, TX
Pays for itself! We were referred to Houston Radiant Barrier after inquiring about what would be the best insulation solution for our house. John Bustos was a great guy and answered all of our questions over the phone. We are seeing a decrease in our monthly bills so the radiant barrier is slowly paying for itself.
Name withheld by r. of Houston, TX
We had all of our old home-insulation removed and replaced with upgraded products last month. Converted from rolled Fiberglass: (the pink stuff) Low r-value, poor air quality, Formaldehyde off-gassing. Went with blown-in Cellulose: Higher r-value, fills hard to access areas, covers non-uniform surfaces. No air quality issues. We did this for health reasons, old, mold, dust, dirt, bird-poop etc. Of course, the installer promised improvements in home efficiency and reduced power consumption.....but my honest expectations, here, were pretty low..... Just got my 1st power bill after conversion. 6/21-7/20, 2013 = $1,558 6/21-7/20, 2014 = $   439 Guess he was right.....eh?
Benson of Houston, TX
"If you Ever find yourself in need of an A/C Energy consultant, I want to highly recommend (John) With (Dr Energy Saver). John and his team were amazing, they were on time, Very knowledgeable, and Professional! It is hard to find Honest, Hard Working, and Professional companies these days, I am Very Happy to say that John and the Dr. Energy team, were a Fantastic surprise. If you are having very high Energy bills and need some help to reduce it, give Dr Energy a Call, You won't regret it!"
Charles G. of Houston, TX
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