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Before and After Pictures from Houston
Making a Converted Garage Cooler in Houston, TX

Making a Converted Garage Cooler in Houston, TX

Before After
Making a Converted Garage Cooler in Houston, TX Making a Converted Garage Cooler in Houston, TX

This garage was converted into a Brew Room / Storage area that was almost too hot to use. Not anymore! As per the home owner, "Garage was nice and cool today! garage definitely cooler and a nice improvement!"

Ductwork Sealing in Houston, TX

Ductwork Sealing in Houston, TX

Before After
Ductwork Sealing in Houston, TX Ductwork Sealing in Houston, TX

I see returns like this all the time. Problem number 1.) There is no return air plenum. If you look at the Before photo, you can see its just a 2x6 frame. Problem number 2.) The top of the return frame is AC Ductboard. Whats wrong with that? Take a look at the sides of the duct board - it's fiberglass insulation which does not stop air flow. So when the unit is running, it is pulling air, dirty and unfiltered air, in through the fiberglass (look closely and you can see that it is discolored, dirty) and straight into your home!

Our solution for this was to seal everything at the base and then spray with closed cell foam.

Ventilating a Houston, TX Attic

Ventilating a Houston, TX Attic

Before After
Ventilating a Houston, TX Attic Ventilating a Houston, TX Attic

Proper attic ventilation is important. How important? We should have between 10 and 12 fresh air exchanges per HOUR in our attic space! So what can we do to acheive this; Solar Attic Fan. With the proper installation, and the right amount of NET FREE Ventable Area, a solar attic fan can and will do the job. However, BE AWARE OF JUST ANYONE INSTALLING THESE. I go into homes where the roof has been replaced and fans were sold. The installations end up costing you more money though when a roofer or any other non-qualified individuals install them and then do not air seal or duct seal your home. Add a fan without doing this helps air you are losing to escape faster!

Houston, TX 's Home Insulation and Energy Audit Experts

 Garage was nice and cool today!...
Happy Customers Surrounding Houston, TX
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Reviews From Houston
Testimonials From Houston
He gave us a great quote, and once the barrier was installed, we saved $70 on our electricity bill that next month!
Testimonial by Mandy and Miki M. from Houston, TX
...There is just not a lot of people like you these days!
Testimonial by Robert C. from Houston, TX

Home Insulation & Energy Audit Company in Houston, TX

Dr. Energy Saver by STX Efficiency Experts is the local dealer for the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network -- the best energy-conservation contractors across the country. We are not just the typical energy contractor, we install insulation, renewable energy and replacement windows and doors-- while also showing you how to live more comfortably. You'll receive the maximum energy and cost-saving results with the least amount of hassle.

Home Insulation Experts

We have many years of experience helping homeowners looking to stay cool in the summer and warm during those chillier nights. We have experience providing home insulation, windows, and duct repair services to customers near Houston, TX. Whether you're looking to reduce drafts, install new windows, or improve indoor air quality-- give us a call!

We understand how the whole house works together to make for a more comfortable living space. When the insulation is low, it makes your air conditioning system work harder because air escapes - making your AC system continuously run and keeping you uncomfortable! We pinpoint the source of the problem and provide the right solutions for each residence we enter. We won't just repair something only to have it break again. You can finally feel comfortable in your own home!

Our services include:

  • Home Insulation
  • Blown-in Insulation
  • Cellulose Insulation
  • Attic insulation
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Sealing Air Leaks
  • Skylight installation
  • Basement insulation
  • Ductwork, Air Duct Sealing
  • Renewable energy services
  • Home Energy Audits
  • Geothermal heating and cooling
  • Radiant Barrier Installation
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Window installation

To schedule an estimate Houston, TX and receive a free copy of "Saving Energy and Money at Home," give us a call!

Case Studies From Houston
"Two front bedrooms are always hot, and we have excessive dust" - This is what I was first told about this specific house. This was a large attic as...
We received a call in March 2016 about a home that was only a year and a half old at the time. The owner told me that the majority of the downstairs...
At a home in the Garden Oaks neighborhood of Houston, a homeowner called us with HEAVY DUST ISSUES. She said over the phone that she was dusting...
Press Releases From Houston
Houston, Tx - Dr. Energy Saver, the world's leading network of home energy retrofit contractors, recently fixed the 20,000th customer's uncomfortable home. Dr. Energy Saver's mission is to Fix 100,000 Uncomfortable Homes for homeowners by 2020, and this customer represents a big milestone toward fulfilling their mission.... [Read more]
In an effort to help educate the community on Home Efficiency and Comfort, Dr. Energy Saver South Texas has decided to offer FREE Home Energy And Comfort Evaluations!... [Read more]
Job Stories From Houston, TX
A Leaky Home is Sealed in Houston

On a recent home energy assessment, we measured a home that was 72% more leaky than it should be! After making recommendations and installing the solutions, we measured the home again and took it from 72% to below 20%!

Making a Dream Home a Reality in Houston

This home was close to two years old. All the wood floors downstairs were cupped/warped. A large national foam company was called in to fix the issue and did not finish the job. We came in to help this homeowner and give them a solution once and for all!

Photo is from when I went under to inspect, I found this and many more areas that another company missed!

Dust Be Gone for a Houston Home

A recent homeowner had major dust issues. He first had an AC company come out and clean his ducts, only to have the dust keep reappearing! He called our experts at Dr. Energy Saver by STX and we found major return leaks. We sealed them with our proprietary system, and they have said GOOD-BYE DUST! Part of the job strategy was to close the open return air duct chase opening in attic floor. This home is no longer plagued by dust!

Going the extra mile for a Houston customer

On a job earlier this summer, a customer asked if I could check another contractors work who had been in her attic prior to us. They were called because the owners always felt a rush of air whenever they were opening or closing a closets pocket door. The duct for this was in a duct chase 14' down from the attic floor. The contractor simply cover the chase with plywood.


I went out and bought a Emergency Egress Ladder. I had one employee tie it off to a structural point, then hold it steady for me, as it is a rope ladder and moves a lot, and another took the pictures. I ventured down to inspect and found that there was a leak at a wye connection, we fixed it! What else did we do? We airsealed the connection wall assemblies, where they met in this chase.

Unhealthy Home Fixed with Proper Insulation and Ductwork

Early this year I was asked by a A.M Talk Radio host if I would look at a close friend of his home. The complaint was that the husband, wife and especiallytheir year and a half old son, all had terrible allergies. I was told by the home owner that a close friend that owns an HVAC company had went into attic and really found nothing wrong,
but recommended that a "pre-filter" bee added. The results from that were nil!

Upon entering the attic myself, I noticed a smell of what I thought was a dead animal. Upon further inspection of the main attic, I found that the original ducts were broken apart and register boxes were at least a half inch off the attic floor/ceiling sheetrock.

Where there are large breaks on the positive pressure side of the HVAC, then we are cooling or heating our attic when HVAC is on, and when its off, we lose air from conditioned space into the attic, out of the breaks in the ducting, and eventually to the exterior, but we also let dirty, allergen infested air from the attic space into our home, thru the breaks in the duct system! 
As for the smell, we found six decaying rats. The insulation was original and had little to no r-value.

So in essence, bacteria, allergen infested air was being sucked into the HVAC duct system, blown into the home, sickening the home occupants.


We first removed all existing insulation, then air sealed all accessible wall header top plates, and any penetrations, including "utility chase openings", we removed old ducting and re-routed ducts to be more efficient, and finally we blew in an R-38 of loose fill cellulose insulation and cleared the once covered soffits.


I spoke with the home owner and he stated that the home is much more comfortable and efficient, and allergies are typical seasonal and nothing like before, since the work was performed!

- John Bustos

Work Requests From Houston, TX
Bramblewood Dr in Houston
Duct blast test on a 5 ton system, the house is about 2900 sq ft
Hatcher Spring Ln in Houston
I have an open crawl space in the heights area. I'm in a flood prone area, so it's a pier and beam house where the builder installed friberglass batt insulation in the crawl space between engineered trusses. The batts are falling down and I would like to replace with a better product. Since it's in a flood plane, I can't encapsulate the crawl space.
Threlkeld in Houston
I have a older 2 bedroom bungalow in the heights. The crawl space insulation is hanging down and I believe it is overworking the HVAC system. Please contact me to discuss.
Longcliffe Dr. in Houston
Attic power ventilator fan is not working. Possible needs replacing. Need quote. Thank you.
Braxtonshire Ct in Houston
I have major air leakage between inside and outside, with probable leakage around pipes ducts and undoubtedly poorly insulated duct work. I want to know the possibility and cost of additional wall and ceiling insulation, the sealing around pipes and ducts + other matters. I will replace doors myself.
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